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Primary school foreign English teacher in ancient city Luoyang, China

English Teachers

Job description

We are currently looking for qualified public primary school(age 6-12) foreign English teacher.

  1. Providing teaching environment of English listening and speaking.
  2. Daily communication within the class—teaching/activities.
  3. Participate in creating and conducting classes with different themes.
  4. Work with English teaching assistants to make everything in order.
  5. The formulation of English project files.
  6. Participate in and contribute to weekly class meetings& weekly/monthly teaching and research conferences.


Salary/M Before Tax:: 2500-3500 USD /M(before tax), summer holiday 2 months 700USD/M, Chinese new year holiday (21 days): 400USD

1.Depends upon Skills, Experience and Teaching certificate for early childhood education

Salary payment method/Time  Around 15th Every Month.


Period/week 40 hours: includes 20 class Teaching  and Office working Hours

 Airfare: Employer provides Return Ticket Once a Year

 Medical/Insurance Employer pays.

Apartment provided:

Apartment with private bedroom, Kitchen, Air Conditioning/ Heating, Bathroom, Furniture, hot Water, Washing machine, Refrigerator.



About Luoyang City

Located in west Henan Province, Luoyang is in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and encircled by mountains and plains. It is the cradle of Chinese civilization, as it was the capital city of 13 ancient dynasties from Xia Dynasty (21st-16th century BC). Boasting the world heritage site Longmen Grottoes and adjacent location to the famous Shaoling Temple, it is a popular destination in central China.

Peony is the city flower. The Peony Culture Festival, starting in April, attracts a great number of travelers worldwide. It is also famed as the 'Poets Capital' because poets and literates of ancient times often gathered there and left great works.

Chinese culture and religion have close relationship with the city. Many Chinese legends happened there, such as Nvwa Patching the Sky. Taoism originated there and the first Buddhist temple set up by the government was there. Many ancient inventions such as the seismograph, armillary sphere, paper making, printing and the compass originated there.